Get Certified as a teacher of the Paula Morgan Technique

Why Get Certified?

Q: I have attended several of your Master Classes & Workshops, Why get Certified?

A: This Certification Course is designed to give teachers the material to teach Paula
Morgan’s work from the ground up. Many times workshops and master classes focus
on the present “problems” and questions in the room. This course has been organized
to specifically train teachers to thoroughly understand and teach her technique as it
was intended. You will learn her technique in its entirety rather than receive it in bits
and pieces. The certification manuals are Miss Paula’s notes developed from her life
time of teaching! PRICELESS

Q: What does the Certification allow me to do?

A: The certification allows you to teach a class in “The Paula Morgan Technique” to
your students.

Q: Does The Paula Morgan Technique have more than one section of courses?

A: Yes, The Paula Morgan Technique Certification Course has two sections; a Technical
Syllabus and a Ballet Syllabus.

Q: How many levels are in the Technique Portion of the Certification Course?

A: There are 3 Levels in the Technical Syllabus and the final level is in Ballet.

Q: How many modules are there in each level?

A: There are 3 Modules per level.

Q: Do the Technical Levels incorporate the Paula Morgan Technique warm-up’s?

A: Yes. The Paula Morgan DVD’s are incorporated in the Certification Course.

Q: Is there an Exam at the end of each Level? How much does it cost and what does it entail?

A: Yes, there is an Exam at the end of each Level. Exams for each Level will be submitted
via DVD. You do not have to attend in person and the cost for the exam is included
in the Certification Course.

Q: What is the cost for the Level 1 Certification?

A: Level 1 costs $2500, includes all 3 modules and is taught over a 4 day period.

Q: If there are 3 Levels in the Technical portion is there also a Ballet Syllabus?

A: Yes. There is a Ballet Syllabus and it is Level 4 of the Certification Program.

Q: Will I be preparing my students to be examined in The Paula Morgan Technique?

A: No, not at this time. The focus is on informing the Teachers. It is far more relevant
that the Teachers receive and thoroughly understand the information so it can be
passed on to the students

Q: Is there an annual Membership Fee when certified?

A:No. There will be a Re-­certification Process that teachers will need to attend to
remain in active standing. Re-­certification will be required every 2 years and will be
offered at the annual Refresher Course.

Q: Will Certified Teachers be able to teach Master Classes & Conferences?

A: Only Master Teachers are able to teach Master Classes and Conferences in The
Paula Morgan Technique.

Q: How do I become a Master Teacher in The Paula Morgan Technique?

A: A Certified Teacher becomes eligible for the Master Teacher program after they have
successfully completed the Level 4 requirements.

Q: What is the number one reason to get certified in The Paula Morgan Technique?

A: This certification sets you above and beyond all other teachers who have not been
privileged to know and understand The Paula Morgan Technique.


Level 1: $2500

This course is taught over a 4 day period
*Materials included

LEVEL 2: $1850

All Teachers Must Be Level 1 Certified To Attend!
Level 2 is taught over a 3 day period
*Materials included

LEVEL 3: $1850

All Teachers Must Be Level 2 Certified To Attend!
Level 3 is taught over a 3 day period
*Materials included

Level 4: $2500

All Teachers Must Be Level 3 Certified To Attend!
Level 4 is taught over a 3 day period
*Materials included