Certification In Paula Morgan Technique Level 3

Paula Morgan

Paula Morgan is one of Southern California’s most sought after dance teachers. She is a brilliant teacher and a great iconoclast, someone who totally breaks the mold. Paula Morgan has a varied professional background that includes numerous film credits, ballet company work, and choreography in several regional and local productions. Paula Morgan was classically trained at San Francisco Ballet and Eugene Loring’s American School of Dance in L.A. Ms. Morgan counts Jack Cole, Joe Tremaine, Louis Dapron and the Nicholas Brothers among her mentors.

Paula Morgan is known to be the “secret weapon” to a list of students that is a veritable who’s who in the dance world. She has devoted her life to developing her technique that looks like a combination of yoga, pilates and ballet and yet is totally unique. Ms. Morgan is currently traveling to several studios around the world teaching her technique. She has worked with several companies and schools in California, Louisiana, Michigan, Italy and New York City.

Ms. Morgan knows what it takes to be a great dancer. Her vision is to the horizon. She understands that a dancer’s body must grasp the varied moods and changing vocabularies of the music and tell a story with form in motion. For Ms. Morgan, the dancer must lay a foundation of impeccable strength, flexibility and technique in order to let the brain and heart speak of the direction the vehicle, the dancers body, must go. Paula’s main purpose in life is giving back to the world of dance that has given her such joy.

Former Students of Paula Morgan Include: Bill Burns, Aaron Cash, Tina Caspary, Tyce Diorio, Nick Florez, Reed Kelly, Manette LaChance, Steve LaChance, Keri LaGrand, Nancy O’Meara, Ray Leeper, Eddie Mikrut